Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy Book

The life-changing Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy sessions greatly reduce grief and the impact of traumatic memories. Rochelle Wright, M.S., LMHC, CDP, NCC, has developed the protocol that enables clients to work through their grief and have a possible connection with the other side. The connections happen in 98 percent of the sessions. It offers the client the opportunity to repair any unfinished business or say words they may have wished they said when the person was alive and reconnect in a healthy, healing way. After the sessions, the clients feel that loved ones are still present in their lives, but only in a different way. The clients often reorient their lives in a more positive way. They come to the Repair & Reattachment session feeling sadness, grief, and hopelessness and leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, less stressed, and filled with joy and the confidence to go on with their lives. The other side can be open from one to three hours in this sacred experience.

The book contains 26 stories of real clients, along with most of their pictures, who came to Rochelle’s office in early 2010. The stories will fascinate and captivate you. They are real and are coming from a “wonderful source” or whatever name you wish to call the great beyond that feels right to you.

Experiencers often reorient their life goals after one session. They come into the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy sessions feeling grief and hopelessness and leave filled with joy and confidence.

These are just some of the words those on the other side have spoken directly to the clients:

  • What’s hard for you to understand, Gary, is that there isn’t a separation between life and death.
  • It’s not your fault. Don t feel guilty. I’m all right.
  • Love yourself with a vengeance. Do not live your life in fear. I will always be behind the light.
  • You don t have to worry anymore. There’s peace, and you’re still connected.
  • Have some fun and don t work so hard. I want to be part of your having fun.
  • It’s all a game, a drama we play out, but in the end, its essence is love.
  • I am always with you. Believe! We are all with you.
  • She’s saying I should let go of the past and move forward.
  • It is important that you love yourself. Take care of yourself so life can be as full as possible.

These are some of the experiencers’ descriptions of what has happened to them during the afterlife connection:

  • He kissed me! He hugged me! We were holding each other. I see Kate. She’s trying to touch me and she’s smiling at me.
  • My uncle came to me and said ‘I’m sorry.’ He gave me a hug.

The authors are intent on helping people have their own afterlife connections and on training state-licensed psychotherapists to be able to help people have Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy connections. They explain the procedure in the book and how to contact them for more information about having a Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy connection and about how to be trained to help people have them.